Avril Bunton-Williams starts at AmdoSoft Systems in the UK as Head of Customer Relations

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AmdoSoft is pleased to announce that Avril will take on this prestigious role; ensuring existing and future customers and partners feel welcome and satisfied.

Avril has an impressive résumé and has proven herself many times in her career by having dependable skills in administrative management, business management and project management.

A statement from Avril Bunton-Williams about her role:

“I am excited to start with AmdoSoft, an innovative technology company which is here to help people understand and realise their potential with Robotic Process Automation.

My primary role will be working closely with individuals, managing the client/provider relationship and keeping track of the RPA journey. Ultimately enabling us to build and maintain good relations and ensure we always meet our customer’s needs.

Also, I will focus on conducting account reviews to ensure our customers are satisfied with the quality of service they receive from AmdoSoft. This will include monitoring company performance against service level agreements.”

When asked about the benefits of RPA, Avril, responded:

“Having a robotic workforce enhances the way people work by relieving them of those humdrum, mundane and repetitive tasks. Many employees perform tasks that remain stagnant for some time because it is human nature to get on with the present workload. It allows little time for an employee to do what they are best at; the need to liberate true human potential through VISION and CREATIVITY. This is what RPA is designed to rectify.”

Besides being an accomplished businesswoman, Avril has finished writing her first book, “A Parent for All Seasons”, and has dedicated herself to bringing a message of hope and success to people around the world; breaking through the boundaries that limit people and help them shape their futures.

AmdoSoft wish to express their sincerest thanks to Avril for joining their ever-increasing, dynamic team and are looking forward to the positive effect this will have on their customer and partner experience within the UK.

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