Finland adopts b4 Process Protector from AmdoSoft as a Service for end-to-end application monitoring

AmdoSoft is pleased to announce a new partnership with Finland’s E2 Software, and can now offer the b4 Process Protector for end-to-end monitoring as a Service.

The service allows companies to monitor the performance and availability of their CRM, ERP and other critical business systems in real-time. It feels as if they have their own personal service quality testing team on site. With help of the automated testing robot, called b4 Virtual Clients, and well-coordinated teamwork within the partnership, the service can be set up in a few hours and is maintained for the customers. A truly worry free system that gives the end user the control and visibility of the performance and availability of their critical services whether it is cloud based or on premise.

End to End monitoring as a Service not only provides live monitoring data but also delivers a historical comparison so that any degradation in performance over time is easily highlighted.

AmdoSoft and E2 Software have decided to align themselves together and offer an innovative and powerful enterprise solution, as a managed and highly secure service to customers in the mid-market of Finland.

E2 Software is based in Finland’s second largest city, Espoo, and specialises in performance management and enhancement systems. Adding end-to-end monitoring as a service is a natural add-on to their market leading portfolio.

Pooling synergies, securing systems, creating added value

David Griffith, Managing Director of AmdoSoft’s London office, and responsible for the international expansion of the partner network, sees the new partnership as “a positive opportunity to bundle synergies and jointly tackle the new market for end-to-end monitoring as a Service. E2 Software’s knowledge regarding Application Performance and Big Data Management, Network Monitoring and System Monitoring really impresses me and I look forward to a successful collaboration over the coming months and years.”

Risto Hakamäki, Director for E2 Software applauds “the wide technology and partner-oriented service of our new partner. We are always seeking new technologies for the proactive monitoring of business processes, and we see great value for our medium-sized customers especially in the telecommunication industry.”

Historical precedent

Since the Hanseatic period in the 16th century, there have been close historical, cultural and economic relations between Germany and Finland. Today, Germany is Finland’s number one trading partner. Almost 250 Finnish companies are investing in Germany and 300 German companies are represented in Finland according to the German Federal Foreign Office.



The b4 Sage 200 Protector Detects Issues Proactively And Tries to Fix Them While Also Alerting Technical Support And Keeping Users Informed


The AmdoSoft b4 Protector is equipped with special sensors that measure the performance and health of Sage 200 24/7. It can detect issuesfrom the user’s point of view and resolve these with minimal human intervention. Business process dependencies are connected within the b4 Protector allowing the system to troubleshoot through a technical workflow in order to identify where the issue lies.

This gives better visibility to the whole organisation and, most importantly, will enable the Sage 200 business processes to be protected.

Although IT resources can report high system uptime and performance, on the business process and application level, issues are much more common. Why? Performance issues on the application can go unnoticed due to the inability to take objective measurements and compare these within a trend analysis.

AmdoSoft Systems is partnering with DB Computer Solutions, Ireland’s leading Sage Partner for ERP software Sage 200, to integrate their b4 Protector into Sage 200. The collaboration builds on the know-how of DB Computer Solutions in the Sage environment with AmdoSoft’s state-of-the-art technology for business process security.

The b4 Sage 200 Protector will proactively locate the source of a fault and act as an alarm and action system for process issues, helping technical support to react faster. The Protector will also record the user experience with Sage 200 in real time and highlight any trend which could indicate that the user has difficulties.

The result will ensure optimal high performance for Sage 200 and ultimately protect the business processes associated with it.

“The performance of the critical processes, which are based around Sage 200, is a high priority for our customers. The competence of AmdoSoft helps us to meet this central customer requirement in the best possible way,” confirmed Ian Cumiskey, Managing Director at DB Computer Solutions.

David Griffith, Managing Director of AmdoSoft UK, added “b4 is able to harmonise the application, IT services and infrastructure with business processes. In b4 Sage 200, the best practices of both companies converge. For Sage 200 customers, the development of our joint Protector represents an additional level of security and reliability. “

The technical development team is led by Brian Tuohy, Senior Sage Consultant at DB Computer Solutions, who brings many years of experience with Sage products and customer requirements. AmdoSoft’s Technical Director, Nenad Zavidic, contributes his extensive knowledge of b4 and the development of various b4 Protectors.

AmdoSoft Systems and Sage Software start their cooperation for protecting the Sage HR payroll module


Sage Software commissioned AmdoSoft Systems, a company from Germany, to equip their HR payroll module, commonly used by medium sized businesses, with a b4 Protector. After analysing the typical steps in the payroll process and identifying all dependencies, AmdoSoft Systems developed a custom-made solution for the sage application which protects the business process.

The software vendor Sage – known for its excellent business software solutions – decided to have AmdoSoft, a business process protection specialist headquartered in Munich, design a specific payroll protector. The so called “b4 Sage Payroll Protector” will be integrated into Sage’s HR module and automatically implemented for Sage customers, as part of their software package.

How the AmdoSoft/b4 protector works and what it is used for

The b4 Protector is fitted with special sensors and executors. For the Sage payroll process specifically, b4 detects a range of issues from the customer’s point of view and can automatically find a solution with minimal manual intervention. The protector thereby provides additional protection for the application and most of all the end-customer’s business processes.

b4 protectors check the security, performance, availability and data consistency of every process step. When a business process is being executed by the user, a unique mechanism starts in the background to ensure the process performs according to expectations which also includes the quality of the data. The b4 Protector performs periodic checks of the entire process activity by unitising the GUI testing technology called “b4 Virtual Client”. Issues found are examined, fixed and reported on utilising state-of-the-art IT automation available within the AmdoSoft technology “b4” – before the user notices a problem.

Mario Griffith, CEO of AmdoSoft Systems about the significance of such a specific protector: “Business processes are at the heart of every organisation and software vendors like Sage Software are leaders in developing innovative and reliable products that help realise these critical processes. Every process step has many different dependencies that could represent a weak link and disturb the user’s activities. I am delighted that together with Sage Software, we have found a way to protect the HR payroll module against these weak links by taking an end user perspective and connecting all the dependencies in one solution that is the b4 Sage Payroll Protector.”